Cylinder-head bolts

The key to optimum safety.

Supplied in tested quality for the majority of cars and commercial vehicles. Assorted for specific engine repair jobs and supplied in special packaging with thread protection. Next-generation engines come with improved sealing concepts that have been adapted to the specific engine designs. In order to ensure an extended service life of such units, it is imperative that the original condition of the engine in question is reproduced when carrying out repairs to the cylinder head. In this context, the cylinder-head bolts are of prime importance. Cylinder-head bolts are key components within the overall system when it comes to generating the requisite force to be applied to the cylinder-head gasket for sealing purposes. They ensure that the necessary compression forces are suitably distributed across the cylinder-head gasket irrespective of the state of operation. This can only be achieved with a new cylinder-head gasket in combination with new cylinder-head bolts.

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Cylinder-head bolts in practice [pdf]

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Elring Cylinder-head bolts

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